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The Visionary Lifestyle Podcast is a seasonal Variety Show Published Weekly and Featuring: Interviews, Topic Based Episodes, and Q and A shows. I’m your host, Magda Freedom Rod: Health and lifestyle guide, mother, yoga instructor, environmentalist, conscious eating expert, content creator and world traveling digital nomad. You’ll hear interviews with: Inspiring soulutionaries, change makers, thought leaders, social entrepreneurs, activists, conscious media makers, authors, yogis, conscious musicians and more. Topics include: yoga, conscious eating, meditation, Ayurveda, sustainability, alternative health, healing, spirituality, activism, non-toxic living and many more. “My mission is to inspire, educate and empower in order to activate the highest potential of individuals and our collective world in such a way that we create a healthy, thriving humanity and a sustainable planet.” It’s my hope that this podcast will serve as a clarion call to gather the tribe that is interested in being the change we wish to see in the world. I believe that as we become activated into our own highest potential through the use of tools including yoga, conscious eating and meditation, we become empowered to deliver our gifts to the world. The Visionary Lifestyle is about raising consciousness on the planet. We believe in self love, animal love and planet love. Join us. Visit to learn more, read show notes and submit comments and questions. Donations gratefully received at Namaste
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Dec 19, 2018

Greetings Rainbow Warriors,

I’m coming to you today from the amazing Auroville India. If you missed my last show and introduction to this brand new season, season 8 of the Visionary Lifestyle Podcast please do and get yourself up to date with where I am and the incredible experience I’m having here.

So now This is our first show of season 8 and I couldn’t be more excited to be offering you this particular interview, as it’s been a long time coming.

Our guest today is Insiya Rasiwala Finn.

She is a Yoga, Ayurveda and Wellness expert who grew up in Bombay, India with Yoga and Ayurveda shaping her life. She is passionate about sharing the transformative impact of these wisdom practices with inspiration, freshness, poetry, and joy; embodying her life as a mama, yogini and community connector in our modern world.  

Insiya has crafted a life of globe-trotting en famille, with her partner Eoin Finn and their son Ananda, who she says is one of her greatest teachers, as well as living the simple, slow life when at home.

You can Follow Insiya on her website as she continues to seek out the greenest, healthiest and beauty-full ways to live, cook, inspire, travel and play: in the ocean, with words on paper and on the yoga mat.

She has been featured in the pages of Yoga Journal, Peppermint Magazine and has contributed as a travel wellness writer to Conde Nast Traveler, Asia Spa, and The Globe and Mail.

I met Insiya a couple of years ago at my first Bali Spirit festival when I interviewed her husband Eoin Finn, so go back and catch his interview if you haven’t heard it yet. These two are a serious yogi power couple! Insiya and I  connected about yoga, wellness, and Ayurveda, and we set a mutual intention to do this interview but we flew in different directions before we got the chance at that time, and finally came back together to do it after the next Bali Spirit Festival.

This is actually the last interview I did in Bali, but am starting the season with it because it’s honestly the one I’m most excited about right now, especially because I am doing this deep dive on Ayurveda at the moment. My panchakarma retreat in Rishikesh, India is coming up in March, and I’m launching a video series in my facebook group later this month to talk about all this Ayurveda business too. At this point, I have integrated so much Ayurveda in my daily life and find it so incredibly useful that I feel deeply called to share this information with you.

In this interview, Insiya walks us through so much practical information so be sure to have your notebooks out. She covers the doshas, recommended daily practices as well as which yoga poses to do for which dosha and just tons more yogic wisdom.

She is a powerhouse of knowledge and it is my pleasure and honor to bring you this incredibly useful content.

Follow her on Instagram, and her website to stay tuned in and keep learning from this brilliant soul.

Check the show notes for links to where to find her, and if you’re not in my facebook community yet, go to Visionary LIfetsyle and Podcast Community on Facebook to get access to a library of informative videos about conscious eating, yoga, and meditation.

And if you’re interested in hanging our in Rishikesh with me in March and being lovingly guided through a traditional panchakarma experience, search the word India on my website at

And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and follow my stories to see my behind the scenes pics of my trips around India and really all over this glorious planet.

Thanks for being here, Please do enjoy this show and namaste

Kitchari Recipe

Prakriti Quiz:

Dec 19, 2018

An introduction to what's coming up in Season 8 of the show. Coming to you live from Auroville, India!

Nov 28, 2018

Greetings Rainbow Warriors. I’m coming to you today from Bali, and this will likely be my last show from here as I’m off to India next week!

I’m going to go explore the intentional community in the south of India known as Auroville. This is a community that was founded 50 years ago, is off the grid , practices sustainable building and organic farming and doesn’t use money. Can you say Visionary? It’s a place that seems to embody most of my top values and I can not wait to see it for myself. If any of you have been there and have tips please do shoot me an email and let me know. You can find me at You know I love hearing from you anyway so don’t hesitate to reach out.Stay tuned for shows from there as I launch season 8 of the podcast which will be, ironically, all recorded in Bali at the Bali Spirit Festival . There are so many incredible interviews there I can hardly wait for you to hear them!

And if you’re not in the facebook community yet please jump in there. I’m doing livestreams every day dropping loads of visionary lifestyle wisdom, and answering questions.

So please do join us there , just search “Visionary Lifestyle and Podcast Community” and let me know your heard of the group through this podcast :).

So now on to todays bonus episode! I know I said I was going to take a break until I got to India, but inspiration struck! I found myself spending Thanksgiving weekend with the gem of spirit in  human form known as Laura Fredrickson. It occured to me that since she has such a profound teaching about GRATITUDE it made timely and perfect sense to interview her about it to highlight the all important concept of being radically grateful, and how it can be a force for creating more wealth in all areas of our lives.

We recorded this live on my facebook page as well so you can go there to in the archived video and lay your eyes on us too if you would like!

Laura Fredrickson is a Prosperity Priestess,  she initiates and empowers women to claim and create the lives they deserve.  

For the last 18 years Laura has been devoted to guiding people to know their Self worth beyond their Net Worth and to liberate themselves from stress and powerlessness to create the lives of  what she calls a Fulfillionaire. ~ which is an experience that is based in personal fulfillment, financial empowerment and emotional well being.

She is the Founder of the Institute of True Wealth ~ an online membership community of Fulfillionaires committed to creating a life of true wealth.

I know you are going to grain some deep insights and practical tools in this episode, so get out your notebooks! Remember the 5 koshas, or sheaths or bodies-in yogic anatomy? Well today Laura is offering you tools to cleanse, balance and activate your manomaya kosha, the mental body. This is powerful stuff my beloved warriors. I urge you to use these tools We all need more of this!

Make sure to check out her website and her just launched home study course.

Enjoy and namaste

“When we go within we never go without”

“Life treats you the way you treat you”

Nov 16, 2018

Dr. Vandana shares about eco feminism, artificial intelligence, climate change and so much more in this lecture recorded at her biodiversity farm in India, Navdanya.

Nov 7, 2018

Greetings from Bali my beloved rainbow Warriors! The monsoon season is upon us and today I saw some of the heaviest rain I’ve seen in my life, and that is saying a lot as I grew up in Hawaii :)

And speaking of Hawaii, today’s guest and I have that in common, which makes it pretty funny that we had to go all the way to Rishikesh India to meet each other.

Our guest today is Katie Fisher. Katie is an Artist, activist, musician, healer, a practitioner of Chinese medicine, global traveler, facilitator of sound healing.

I met Katie at the International Yoga Festival in Rishikesh. I was immediately drawn to her sound healing classes and her set of rainbow wands, or tuning forks as they’re called actually.

I attended some of her classes and became more an more intrigued with the techniques she was teaching, and how she was connecting the practices to yoga.

We touch on a lot of different topics in the interview like about yoga, Marma points and Acupuncture, the chakras, the Solfeggio frequencies, Cymatics, sound healing, medicine resonance, and Vibration as a healing frequency.  Katie shares some of her toys with us so listen closely and please do your best to ignore the background noise. We sat down in a quiet place or this one and soon after got flooded with some noisy neighbors, so please bear with it because later in the interview we get to some really juicy nuggets you don’t want to miss..

Katie has a sound healing school in Hawaii called

If you’ve been trying to make sense of all the talk about frequencies. Like 432Hz and the Schuman frequency in music these days, you will get some answers in this show.

Don’t forget to check the show notes for links to Katie's website,, and also a great youtube video ink of another informative interview with Katie.

And, if you haven’t jumped into my community group on facebook yet, you are invited. I’ve really activated that group and am doing daily lives sessions in there, teaching all kinds of visionary lifestyle topics, and even doing some live podcast interviews in there. That’s the Visionary Lifestyle and Podcast Community Group on facebook. Please do check it out and come say hi.

I hope you find some inspiration and practical tips and maybe even experience some sound healing through the tones that Katie shares.

Enjoy and namaste


School in Hawaii

Great youtube interview with more of Katies

Oct 31, 2018

Greetings Rainbow Warriors,

I’m coming to you from beautiful Bali, Indonesia today. Happy Samhain, If you’re not familiar with this special day, listen up. "Samhain involves the celebration and festival of death and transformation. It occurs in late October and early November and is most popularly known as Halloween, All Hallows Eve, All Saints & All Souls including Day of the Dead. This is also a celebration for the new year in other practices of the world. Like many cultures celebrating the New Year is a time for letting go of the old and looking ahead to the new. It marks the end of the harvest season. "

It is also said that the veil is thinner at this time, giving us access to our dearly departed loved ones. So beloveds, if it resonates with you, light a candle tonight and invite a connection with someone you loved who passed on to the other side.

And one more quick announcement, I have just a couple of spots left for the 30 day Visionary Activation Challenge that I announced all over my social media this week.  I am calling in a couple women, I think I have two spots left, who are motivated to activate their highest potential, to work directly with me over the course of 30 days.  I’m offering this program at a ridiculously low introductory price just through the end of the year. Schedule a quick call with me to learn more, by going to the services tab on my website. That’s at or, check the show notes for a link directly to all the info about the program.

It’s basically like having me to yourself for a month so I can share all my activation secrets from my toolkit with you, through a custom-tailored plan that will support your unique needs, challenges and goals.  This is a one time offer so if that is resonating, get a message to me or get a call scheduled with me right away.


Now on to today’s show.

Krishnamurthy Mohan Raj is a yoga instructor and the Founder and Director of Namaste Mysore Yoga Culture Communication Center in (China).  He is influenced by traditional yoga culture in his teaching style, focusing on the detailed journey of yoga culture and vinyasa.

Krishnamurthy Mohan Raj started practicing yoga at an early age under the guidance of his mother and brother.  His practice moved into its next, deeper level when he started teaching yoga at the age of 14 in his birth place of Mysore.  In 2005 got the opportunity to promote yoga in China, and off he went and has been there ever since. He is now based in China, focusing on his workshops and the promotion of yoga culture, encouraging his students to not only practice yoga, but to feel the magic of yoga.

I met him at the International Yoga Festival in 2017, and finally, we got to sit down and have this chat a full year later again at the International Yoga Festival. We enjoyed a great conversation about many so aspects of yoga. I think you’ll really find some inspiration in this one, guys. Krishnamurthy has a really interesting story and a real passion for true yoga.

Make sure to check the show notes on for links to his website.

Oct 26, 2018

Greetings Rainbow Warriors,
I’m coming to you today from Bali, Indonesia. It’s amazing to be here eating the nourishing tropical fruits, watching sunsets on the beach, and connecting with so many activated rainbow warriors here.
Bali really is one of those activated places on the planet, no question. Some say it’s the best place in the world to do healing work, and I believe that. Everything about being here feels nourishing to me.
If you haven’t listened to my episodes recorded here at the Bai SPirit Festival, go back and listen to those shows. They’ll give you a real taste of what it’s like to be on the ground here.
And coming up after this season from India will be another season of the Bali Spirit Festival, so stay tuned for that.
In fact, the last time I saw our guest, was exactly there, even though I met her in Rishikesh India.
Our guest today is Pravbavati Dwabha. Dwabha, as she’s called, is an icon of the Rishikesh community. I used to see her around and wonder who she was. She definitely makes an impression. Before we met, each time I saw her I noticed that she seemed to be well known and respected, and as it turned out, she is the force behind this amazing charity I kept hearing about, know as Ramana's Garden.
Dwabha has an amazing story and is the embodiment of a karma yogi, living her purpose, taking action to help others. And not just any others, but the poorest of the poor children. Each child that comes through the gate there, arrives because they would be at risk of either being murdered, forced into prostitution, child labor, begging, starvation or total neglect 
Dwabha is an inspiration to many, and I have no question, has not only dramatically improved, but also saved the lives of many many children.
What she has created with her organic farms, cafe and school, is a testament to her huge compassionate heart, and provides a template, for the difference one person can make, when they follow their inspiration and put it into ACTION.
Karma yoga is the yoga of selfless action, actions associated with being of benefit to others. This is SEVA, the act of being in service. If this is a novel concept to you, please go back and listen to the first episode of this podcast, where I guide you through the 7 steps of activating your highest potential, because seva, is one of them.
As yogis, and as humans on this earth, it is our responsibility to take of ourselves, so we can take care of each other, to make ourselves healthy so that we can be a beneficial presence on the planet. And our guest is a wonderful role model for this. As I see it, she is fully in her dharma, her purpose, and her actions, are an inspiration. She is a busy woman and I was lucky to get her alone to ask her how it all began and where it’s going in the future.
Please do check out the website, and lend your support to this very worthy project. And if you find yourself in Rishikesh, don’t miss the chance to go visit Ramana’s garden. Your heart will be blown wide open, I promise.
And watch my instagram feeds for some pics of Ramana’s garden, taken the same day as we did this interview.
Find the links to and more, in the show notes at
Enjoy and namaste

Oct 18, 2018

Greetings Rainbow Warriors,

I’m coming to you today from Bali, Indonesia.

Did you catch my facebook live today making kitchari here?

You can find it on my Visionary Lifestyle and Podcast page so go and check it out. Most of the essential ingredients are not available here in Bali so we had to make do with what we had but man oh man did it turn out great anyway. So delicious and easy to make! I’m doing a 3 day kitchari cleanse at the moment here where that’s the only thing I’ll eat for a few days and give my digestion a rest so my body can do some cleansing. It’s really the most delicious way to cleanse. Om yum!

Check my FB live and my Visionary Lifestyle Guide instagram story for more on that. Great timing for that one too since today’s topic is all about the Ayurvedic cleanse known as panchakarma, and kitchari is the food of choice during that journey of self-love.

Today’s interview is with Dr. Maurya, my personal Ayurvedacharya in India.

This is Dr. Maury’s second time on the show, so if you’re new to Ayurveda or didn’t hear his first episode on the show last year, make sure to go back and listen to that to get a basic understanding of what Ayurveda is. Check the show notes for a link to that show. Season 2 Ayurveda

Dr.Maurya is an Ayurveda Doctor, also known as an Ayurvedacharya, he’s a specialist in detox and rejuvenation, also known as Panchakarma , and has degrees in Holistic Health, Yoga & Naturopathy.

In 2005, he established an Ayurveda Panchakarma center at the Parmarth Niketan Ashram, in Rishikesh, India. There, he’s managing and providing all Ayurvedic treatments, Naturopathy treatments and Consultations. He travels extensively delivering lectures on Ayurveda, and leads training in Ayurveda, naturopathy and panchakarma at his center in Rishikesh.


So check it out guys, This interview was done just after I completed my last 8 days of Panchakarma with him in Rishikesh last Spring. I’ve made a commitment to myself to make this an annual event on my birthday as a way to honor my body temple.

Next spring I’ll be bringing a group with me to Rishikesh to experience this with me. We’ll do 10 days of panchakarma , practice yoga and meditation, eat healing food, visit spiritual masters for spiritual talks known as satsangs and soak in the ancient magic that is India. Oh my gosh I can not wait!

If this calls you shoot me and email right away and let me know so I can hold a spot for you. It will be a very intimate group so don’t delay.

My email is

Ok so now without further adieu let’s get on with this show.

Find the show notes on my website at


Enjoy and namaste

Oct 10, 2018

“The answer to climate change is the yoga of the earth”

Greetings Rainbow Warriors, It’s me Magda Freedom Rod It is my absolute pleasure to welcome you to the first episode of Season 7 of the Visionary Lifestyle Podcast.

I’m coming to your day from Bali Indonesia. Please listen to the previous episode for an introduction to everything that’s coming up this season.

Right now, I am so excited to jump right into today’s show. Our guest today is Dr. Vandana Shiva. She is an Indian scholarenvironmental activistfood sovereignty advocate, and alter-globalization  author who has written more than 20 books..[2]She received the Right Livelihood Award in 1993, an honor known as an "Alternative Nobel Prize".

Vandana Shiva has spent much of her life in the defense and celebration of biodiversity and indigenous knowledge. She has worked to promote biodiversity in agriculture to increase productivity, nutrition, farmer's incomes and It is for this work she was recognized as an 'Environmental Hero' by Time magazine in 2003. She is also enemy #1 of the GMO giant Monsanto.

I first met Dr.Vandana Shiva in person in my hometown of Ojai, California where she was presenting an earth day speech at Krishnamurti’s school there. I had also heard her speak and heard of her and her work prior to that, and I’ve got to say, that the first time I heard her speak, she became my shero. I would even go so far as to call her the conscious eating queen. This powerhouse of a woman has been fighting for our food system for decades. She is enemy #1 of Monsanto, the corporation who now owns over 90% of our seeds and is intent on owning our food system which would, of course, give them control of our population. Monsanto, of course, is the producer of most GMO seeds which are poisoning our bodies and our precious mama earth.

I was fortunate enough to hear Dr. Shiva speak two years in a row at the International Yoga Festival in Rishikesh, and was honored to be invited to her organic biodiverse farm named Navdanya, for an eco-feminism retreat after the festival.

This was a tremendously inspirational trip. I can still remember waking up in this pristine ecosystem, with the early morning rays of the sun shining down on the fields. The birds were singing, the butterflies were everywhere, and I could feel the health and vitality of the land in every cell of my being. I taught yoga to some of the students who were there on internships and attended all of the doctor's lectures on eco-feminism. We ate meals together all harvested from the land there and surrounding farms. 1000% organic, and vegetarian of course.

I was blessed enough to get this one on one time with her.

Our conversation starts as a continuation of a chat we started that morning, about her bindi. Have you ever noticed Vandana Shiva’s bindi is huge compared to the ones you usually see?

I love everything about this conversation.

In this interview we discuss:


world hunger

eco feminism


seed freedom

capitalist patriarchy

conscious eating

This episode is packed with the wisdom of this tremendous activist that has dedicated her entire life to protecting your and our food system.

I also recorded some of her other lectures that I will put out as bonus episodes so be on the lookout for those.

Check the show notes for links to Dr. Shiva’s websites and books. Find those at

I deeply enjoyed producing this show for you, I’m really so proud of this interview, and I hope you get some inspiration from it and will join us on our common mission of practicing Yoga for the Earth

Enjoy and namaste

Oct 10, 2018


An introduction about what's to come this season!

Find links to other platforms and for donations here:

Sep 10, 2018

Ciao beloveds and Greetings Rainbow Warriors!

I’m coming to you today from Sicily Italy where I’m teaching yoga and enjoying the tremendous nature and hospitality of this very special Italian island.

This is the last episode of the 6th season of the Visionary Lifestyle Podcast, which I hope you’ve enjoyed. We heard from some of the teachers from the Barcelona Yoga Conference, as well as a host of digital nomads who are paving the way for the rest of us who might be interested in traveling the world and taking our work with us.

In a few days I’ll be heading to Portugal where I’ll be speaking at the Digital Nomad Festival and helping all you nomads achieve a higher level of wellness while you’re globe trotting. I’m also presenting a Yoga Starts in the Kitchen workshop at the Foodprintz yoga studio and Cafe there, so make sure to check my Visionary Lifestyle and Podcast facebook page for details on those events. And don’t forget I’ve got a Wellness Workation coming up in Bali this October and I want to see you there! If you’re a social entrepreneur, digital nomad, or conscious creative this is the place to be to merge wellness with your traveling lifestyle. You’ll learn my conscious eating recipes, practice daily yoga and meditation, have productive work sessions to work on your jobs or projects, network with like minded people and explore the best nature and rituals Bali has to offer. It’s going to be delicious! There are just a few spots  left so to grab your spot check out the show notes for details on that event and sign up quick.


And, Stay tuned for announcements for the upcoming seasons of the show, as there’s lots of great content coming up. I have lots of shows in the pipeline and entires seasons from Bali and India where I’ve been interviewing more top yoga teachers and thought leaders.


So now on to today’s show.


Our guest today is Pau Castellsagué. Pau, along with his sister and brother, produces the Barcelona Yoga Conference.

The BYC is a Yogic Celebration open to people of all ages and backgrounds with or without previous experience in yoga. It’s An uplifting open-hearted gathering with world-leading Yoga teachers and musical artists creating a platform for you to learn, experience, discover and transform.

Pau is a yoga teacher himself as well as a Thai Yoga Massage Instructor and kirtan artist.

I caught up with him at the 8th annual BYC last summer and got to learn from him the story of how this yoga festival came to be.

I had a great experience at this festival and highly recommend it to anyone wanting to explore the European yoga community as I did.

Make sure to check the show notes for links to their website and to learn more. You can find those at

And if you’re not already in our group on facebook, we’d love for you to join us there to stay up to date for show announcements and other inspiring content and events.

That’s Visionary Lifestyle and Podcast on facebook.

Stay tuned for announcements for the next couple seasons recorded in Bali and India with more top yoga teachers and thought leaders!

I hope you enjoy this show.


DNX LINK and discount code

With the code "DNX-LISBON-2018-MAGDA" they get 20€ off on every DNX ticket >


Upcoming events


Bali Wellness Workation


Visionary Facebook Page


Sep 3, 2018

Greetings Rainbow Warriors! Today I’m on the move. I took a ferry from Croatia across the Adriatic sea to Italy last night, and am making my way through Italy on a train now as this is going live. I’m heading to Sicily for my Nature and Yoga retreat and I sure wish you were coming! It starts on September 7th so if you’re feeling spontaneous and want to join for yoga, nature, conscious eating and seeing some incredible ancient sites, email me right now and we’ll squeeze you in!

Visionary Lifestyle Retreats and Events

Being a changemaker on the move is a life I’ve chosen, and if it calls you, you too can live a location independent freedom lifestyle, and fulfill your purpose at the same time. Yes, it takes some planning and might even include a steep learning curve, but witnessing people like our guest today, sure keeps the inspiration to make it happen, very high.

Our guest today is Stella Roman Airoldi. Stella is a powerhouse of a young woman. She holds two masters degrees in human rights, and left a promising career as a lawyer, to travel the world and empower some of the least empowered people on the planet.

Stella is the founder of 22STARS Jewellery and the 22STARS Foundation, as a digital nomad with a social mission she calls herself a ”Social Impact Nomad". She wants to inspire and help others to make a social impact with their business and when they travel. Hence Stella offers one on one coaching sessions, gives group workshops and talks at various international conferences. Stella has two masters degrees, one in International Law and one in Human Rights and Democratization. During her studies she focused on entrepreneurship and in 2013 she made the switch from working in the human rights/ development aid field into using fashion and design to help people out of poverty by making sure that they can provide for themselves.

Stella's studies brought her to Africa where she interviewed refugees in Kampala, Uganda. Her creativity and wish to help the war affected people have been a direct incentive to establish 22STARS Jewellery. Impressed by the artistic skills of the women and deeply touched by their stories, Stella decided to help them design, market and sell their products on the international market. Two years ago she expanded this product based model by creating the 22STARS FOUNDATION, which enables more than 300 children in Uganda to go to school and helps 55 families with small business trainings and microloans to become self-sustainable.

Stella spends a couple of months a year in Uganda. When she is not there she loves being with her family in Europe and her friends from the digital nomad community. 

I met Stella at the DNX conference in Lisbon where she was presenting a talk last year, and fortunately, we shared an apartment with a bunch of other digital nomads so I got to spend a fair amount of time with her. I saw her work ethic, I saw her passion, and I was and am impressed with what she’s created.

As a former fashion buyer for my Visionary Boutique in Los Angeles, her jewelry line is 100% the sort of thing I would have been really excited to stock in my shop. A product that is not merely for fashion and consumption sake, but as a statement and practical support for something you believe in. For example, the sale of one necklace provides 5 meals in Uganda.

Stella is a living breathing example of right livelihood. This is a concept I bring up a lot on this show, and one I want to impress on you, as it was impressed on me from my spiritual community in Los Angles a couple decades ago. This concept has been a major driver in my life, and if I can inspire even 1 person in this direction, that feels really rewarding for me.

Aug 30, 2018

Greetings Rainbow Warriors,

I’m coming to you today from Croatia and this will be my last show from here. Croatia has been a mixed bag for me. No shortage of lodging crisis’, crazy situations, or tourists since I am here in high season. Like I said on the last episode, I learned my lesson about that, and hopefully, my loss is your gain.

On the upside, I was blessed enough to do some island hopping and see and swim in some of the most beautiful clear water I’ve ever seen. I even made it to the beach that was voted best beach in Europe, and that was a highlight for sure. Getting into nature always sets me straight, how about you? That mama nature sure is soul medicine. Don’t ya think? Works for me, every time. Something about swimming in the sea with light streams shining down through the water just soothes my soul. I am discovering my inner mermaid, big time.

So now, on to today's show. Our guest today is Nicole Seelinger.

Nicole's purpose is to empower businesses and people everywhere she goes. She’s a visionary that aims to strengthen entrepreneurs by bringing them clarity and strategies towards their vision and future trends, so they can achieve their fullest potential to create a positive impact on society. Moreover, she’s focused on adding social and sustainable value to the projects she works with, at the same time as working on the business model to diversify and improving revenue streams for greater growth and impact.

She creates Custom made workshops using Collective Intelligence tools

to creatively solve problems, enhance innovation and find a holistic strategy to achieve business goals.
She’s also empowering people's mindset with workshop subjects such as: Overcoming limiting beliefs, and  Creating positive change

And for those who want to achieve their best selves: Nicole helps to Identify their main characteristics and passions to create a unique and personalized career or business.

So what this means guys, is if you’re an entrepreneur, or dare I say, aspiring digital nomad, Nicole is someone you want to know and maybe work with.

I caught up with her at the DNX conference in Lisbon last year and fortunately, we got time to sit down so I could pick her brain about all she’s up to.

Enjoy and namaste

Aug 20, 2018

Astro Cartogrophy

Astro Locality



Human Design



Divine Timing

With the code "DNX-LISBON-2018-MAGDA" they get 20€ off on every DNX ticket >

Aug 13, 2018

Greetings Rainbow Warriors. I’m coming to you from Split, Croatia today. I’ve been here island hopping and soaking up the sun and sea in between getting these episodes out and planning my upcoming retreats in Sicily and Bali. Make sure to check the show notes for details on those, and please do join us!

Our guest today is Krishnatakis. Krishnatakis, originally from Greece, has been teaching Thai Yoga massage, yoga and qi gong since 1998, having lived and studied in Thailand and India. He is a senior massage teacher at the Sunshine Network, his center in Greece. He is passionate about organic farming, Chinese medicine, cooking and nutrition, and incorporates aspects of yoga, meditation and qi gong into all his courses. His base is at Sunshine House, however he often travels abroad to teach and also study. He is renown for his unique, spontaneous and passionate way of teaching as well as his generous spirit and open heart. When he is not teaching, he is with his three beautiful children or soaking in hot spring waters.

I met Krishntakis at the Barcelona Yoga Conference . I took a couple of his classes there and was drawn to his open hearted friendly personality, and after learning so many wonderful and useful techniques in his classes, I decided to interview him. His approach is warm and sacred, two of my favorite things :)

I found his high vibes contagious and enjoyed learning from him as he dropped some reminders of things we all need to think about more.

I hope you enjoy it.


Aug 6, 2018

Greetings Rainbow Warriors,

Coming to you from Croatia today, where I’ve been busy organizing my upcoming retreats in Sicily and Bali. Sicily in September is a Nature and Yoga Retreat where we’ll visit ancient sites and natural wonders on Sicily, sail on an actual pirate ship, explore secret beaches, practice yoga daily and learn Conscious eating recipes from my ecourse. Bali in October is a 2 week Wellness Workation for conscious creatives and entrepreneurs or remote workers to co-live and work with a group of like-minded people while practicing daily yoga and conscious eating, and enjoying special balinese traditions like a water temple blessing, and snorkeling around some of the last remaining healthy coral reefs in the world, and even swimming with manta rays guys. I did that myself last year and it blew my mind so much that I knew I needed to share it with you.

Find links to those in the show notes,  and on my Visionary Lifestyle and Podcast facebook page and sign up quick because earlybird prices are just about to end.

So now onto today’s show. Today’s guest is Jules Schroeder.

Jules is a multipassionate entrepreneur, the Founder at Unconventional Life, a Forbes Contributor, & Millennial Expert. Unconventional Life is a global community of like-minded entrepreneurs, creatives, and thought leaders. She hosts masterminding events for millennial entrepreneurs in exotic locations, while also running a podcast for entrepreneurs on the Forbes Under 30 channel ranked The #1 Podcast For Entrepreneurs in 2017 by CIO Magazine. Her mission is to inspire and empower millennials to live a life by their own design, where their greatest source of happiness is also their source of income.

Ranked by Inc Magazine as one of The Top 27 Female Entrepreneurs Changing The World In 2017, Jules founded her first six-figure company at 18 and her first 7-figure company at 22. At 28, Jules is leading a movement to empower millennials to create a life by their own design by learning from successful leaders who have left behind the 9-5 for a life they love.

She also has a Digital marketing agency specializing in social media strategies to create remotely based businesses.

I met Jules at the DNX Global Conference in Lisbon last year. I was struck by her story, her credentials and most of all her enthusiasm. She has an impressive history and strong ability to bounce back from adversity and use it as a springboard for further growth. It was after all a near death experience where she got to choose to come back into her body to share her gifts.

I loved this conversation. Jules drops a lot of wisdom and practical advice for entrepreneurs looking to live life by their own design.

We talk about visualization, yoga and she shares some of her tools for creating and living the unconventional life many of us dream of.

Find links to Jules’ work in the show notes at

I hope you enjoy the show!

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Aug 5, 2018

Greetings rainbow warriors. I’m coming to you today from Split, Croatia. As I mentioned on the last show, I needed to exit the Schengen territory for a month due to visa restrictions (damn you borders)and after exploring many opportunities I decided on Croatia. Apologies for the show being a bit late this week, because I have been moving around a lot,  and haven’t had an adequate place to work or record the show. Welcome to the world of a digital nomad ha. I’m saving a month of my Schengen Visa allowance for September when I’m offering a Yoga and Nature retreat in Sicily, Italy, and then moving on to Portugal for the DNX Festival where I’ll be speaking about “Wellness on the Road”. And hey did you notice I’m also offering a two week Wellness Workation in Bali in October? Check the show notes for links if any of them are calling you, sign up quick because early bird pricing is just about to expire.

So now on to today’s show. Our guest is Silvia Christmann.

Silvia’s Instagram Bio reads”Business Advisor. Growth Coach. Speaker. Mindful Nomad. Yogi. Meditator.”

Silvia is a growth coach and business mentor who’s spent the last 12 years helping high-achievers develop themselves, create the lives they want, and build successful businesses.

Her mission is to maximize global impact by curating human potential. She works with people who dare to care, challenge dated systems, and transform the status quo.

Her clients are visionaries and changemakers, driven to create the change they want to see in this world; building innovative, successful businesses while staying grounded in a meaningful life well-lived.

Achieving any audacious goal starts from a place of self-discovery and requires personal development. She gives her clients dynamic frameworks in which they can consistently learn, grow, and change. These frameworks provide the foundation needed to overcome obstacles and create clarity for effective execution.

She was born in Germany, raised across Europe and has worked in more than seven countries. She has cultivated a high level of cross-cultural competence, which has allowed her to establish a global client base. In her early career, she specialized in business development and helped build successful companies from pre-revenue to their first million and beyond. Now, she focuses on structuring businesses and transforming leaders during periods of rapid scale. Before starting her boutique practice in 2011, she was part of three startups and played a central role in launching MediaRadar. Under her tenure, the company developed into an ad tech leader with more than $20 million in revenue.

She has been honored to work closely with tech entrepreneurs, hedge fund managers, physicians, lawyers, and professional athletes, as well as C-level executives at companies like Google, Bridgewater, PWC, Deutsch, and Tom’s Shoes, among many others. She has advised over 10 companies to effectively scale, including The Bond Collective (US), Look at Media (RU), and Sapina Ltd (APAC). She’s a keynote speaker who teaches seminars at Columbia University,  Fortune 100 companies, and numerous global conferences.

And, she’s a yogi and a vegan guys.

I met Silvia at the DNX global conference in Lisbon last year. When I heard her presentation where she talked about freedom and so many other values I hold dear, I knew I needed to interview her. What I found during our conversation was a kindred spirit, another yomad on the path, doing her part to create positive change in the world. We talk about everything from her tools for sleeping well despite constant travel, to magical thinking , veganism and right livelihood. There are lots of juicy nuggets for you to discover here.

I hope you enjoy this episode and find some inspiration in it.

Part of this series of interviews from the DNX tribe, is to show you models of possibility. To show you that there are people traveling the world nomadically and doing what they love. My intention is to inspire, empower and support you on your journey of activating your highest potential, and if traveling more is one of your goals, this show and this season, is for you.

As usual check the show notes for links to Silvia’s work, and you can find that on

Sharon Gannon Interview Link…-ideal-yogi-diet/1462

Jul 23, 2018

Greetings Rainbow Warriors,

I’m coming to you from Provence today, and sadly this is my last day here. This American visa situation is really hindering my European travel goals ha. Why can’t we just live in a world without borders, right? One world people.  One love, one world, are you with me? But alas, on this yogic path, it’s One day at a time, one breath at a time and by the grace of God go I. It’s all yoga.

I need to exit Shengen now for a month, so I can come back for the month of September, when I’ll be offering a retreat in Sicily, Italy the second week of September, and then offering some workshops and speaking at the DNX Global Digital Nomad Festival in Lisbon at the end of the month. Check my Visionary Lifestyle & Podcast facebook page for details on this events, and check the show notes here for a discount code for the DNX Global conference. As it turns out, being a yoga teacher is one of those jobs you can do on the road while traveling, and boy do I have a hallelujah for that :)

SO now about today’s show…

Today’s guest is David Lurey. I really enjoyed this conversation with this passionate and experienced teacher of yoga, true and transformational yoga.David  is an experienced 500 hour yaga alliance certified yoga teacher.He was introduced to Yoga in 1996 as a way to tone his body and relieve work related stress. Using those as a foundation for building an Asana practice, the other limbs of Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga began to unfold leading him to the path of teaching transformational Yoga.

David lives in Palma de Mallorca, Spain co-creating courses and trainings to ‘Open Consciousness and Vitality’ with his beloved wife, Mirjam Wagner.

Using various spiritual teachings as guidelines for classes, David takes students through opening and often challenging Asanas while encouraging the magical power of breath and mental stillness to cultivate the true loving nature of the heart. This appears in several styles of Yoga that David shares in his teachings:

Mindful Spirited Vinyasa with attention to the physiology, anatomy and alignment of the poses combined with energetic presence.

AcroYoga for building connection, trust and communication between humans.

Green Yoga as a journey and exploration to connect to the planet, cosmos and all the non-human beings on Earth.

Bhakti Yoga for the Devotional spirit…

David’Bhakti practice takes form mostly in the singing of Kirtan and Mantras but is also connected to acts of kindness and being of service.

In addition to teaching Asana classes, David brings a heartfelt passion for music and singing into all his programs. He has recorded 3 CDs and performed countless events where music, community and singing come together in ecstatic bliss.

I met David at the Barcelona Yoga Conference last summer. I took his class and knew instantly that he has a lot of valuable information to share.I was so happy we got the time to sit and have this conversation, so he could share a fraction of his vast yogic wisdom with you.

he goes in to santosh’a and tapas, which is exactly the yoga I’m called to practice when I look at my visa situation and being forced to leave the Shengen territory. I’m practicing both sides of the two sided coin David mentioned, and you’ll have to listen to the show to get what I mean.

As usual you can find David’s contact information in the show notes on

And make sure you’re following me on instagram to see the behind the scenes stories of my travel adventures around the world. That’s at, and don’t forget to follow on instagram for show announcements.

And now, without further adieu, we’re on to today show. I just know you’re going to fin lots of wisdom and inspiration in this one! enjoy and namaste.

David's Websites:

DNX Link

With the code "DNX-LISBON-2018-MAGDA" they get 20€ off on every DNX ticket >

Jul 16, 2018

Greetings Rainbow Warriors, and welcome to the first episode of season 6 of the Visionary Lifestyle Podcast.I’m coming to you today from Provence, in the south of France. I’ve been in France for about 6 weeks now, and am more convinced than ever, that’s it ‘s one of my power points on the planet. The energy and landscape here, along with the lifestyle and beautiful people, stir my soul. One of the beautiful things about this digital nomad lifestyle is the opportunity to discover where we feel good. After all, everything is energy, and when we feel good somewhere, obviously life is more pleasurable, and usually more productive and even purposeful.

So now onto today’s show.

Today’s guest is Jackie Knechtel.


Jackie Knechtel, M.A., is an executive coach/consultant, behavioral therapist, international speaker and pioneer in the area of flow. She is the co-founder of the Flow Consciousness Institute which holds cutting edge trainings, retreats, leads workshops and delivers transformational experiences worldwide. Jackie is also the co-author of the forthcoming book Flow: The Art of Effortless Living and is actively shifting consciousness on a global scale through her speaking, coaching practice and by blending science and spirituality into practical tools for living an enlightened life. Jackie has a background as an autism specialist with clients in NYC, Beverly Hills, Dubai and Saudi Arabia. She serves as an advisor for the Eve Branson Foundation, NomadX and AutismCodes and is currently working to revolutionize the therapy delivery model for special needs children and their caregivers with her vision, Spectra.


As you’ll hear in the interview, Jackie and I met at the Digital Nomad, or DNX Conference, in Lisbon last year. We connected pretty much instantly, and I’m super grateful we met and made the time for this interview. We cover a lot here guys.

This is truly an episode for the flow curious. We talk about effortless action, epigenetics, and the definition of flow and not only how to achieve it, but how to maintain it. This episode is rich with ideas that will leave you thinking about your beliefs and how to shift them.

I hope you find some nuggets of inspiration here, as well as some tools to help you get into and stay in your own state of flow.

As usual, check out the show notes for links to Jackie’s work and the things we discuss in this episode. That’s at

You’ll also find there links to the DNX Festival and a discount code if you are called to join us there this September. I’ll be giving a presentation on Wellness on the Road, and I really hope to see you there.

Enjoy and namaste

Link Bruce Lipton Episode 1 & 2



With the code "DNX-LISBON-2018-MAGDA" they get 20€ off on every DNX ticket >






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Jul 4, 2018

Spontaneous bonus episode about F R E E D O M, plus a little preview of what's coming up next season!


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Jun 25, 2018

Beinvenue from France. I’ve just left Auvergne where I was immersed for over 3 weeks in a 6000 acre forest leading  a Wilderness Wellness experience at a 300 year old ecolodge. This area is known as, in addition to  being the “green heart of france”, the land of the volcanos , and is so rich with prana, delicious spring water and deep wilderness as far as the eye can see.

This experience brought me a deep connection with nature, and so many unexpected blessings, including, meeting today’s guest, Julien Peron.

Julien is a filmmaker among many other things. Using his own values such as self-awareness, curiosity and open-mindedness, since childhood, this 39-year-old entrepreneur has nurtured and molded these qualities from a young age, and respects others and the environment. In his childhood Julien played sports, and became interested in astrology and the tarot. He developed his strengths in Martial Arts for more than 14 years, with Kung-fu, pushing his passion very far to become champion of France in 1999. Then with the encouragement of his family, at the age of 12, he went to the United States for a month immersed in a Wisconsin family. Today, he puts his pocket money aside to go regularly with his backpack to discover other countries and other cultures. His explorations of the surrounding world lead to more inward explorations, nourished by a lot of reading and other discoveries, including aspects of  human psychology, well-being, personal development and alternative medicine, as well as economics, politics and sociology.

He’s been in the fields of well being, ecology, marketing and communication for 16 years.

-Honorary Member of the World League for the Right to Happiness

-Member of the development council of the city of Montpellier

-International speaker

-Creator of the school of life and annual festival for the school of life  >>

-Creator of the 1st Congress Innovation in Education >>

-Director and producer of the documentary "What is happiness for you? » >>

-Creator and leader of cycling, yoga and meditation trips >>

-Creator of inter-professional meetings of well-being in 2003 >>

-CCP in permaculture

- Founding President since 2003 of the companies Neo-bienêtre and Neorizons >> and

- 20 years of field experience in France and around the world

- Member of the World Association of Tourism Experts (WTEA)

- Member of the parliament of entrepreneurs of the future

- Member of eco-responsible travelers and tour operators (VVE)

- Partner of the Good Planet Foundation and the French Ecotourism Association

I met Julien at the Instants D’Absolute Ecolodge in France where I was teaching yoga ,and he came to screen his film “C’est quoi le bonheur pour vous?” or ,  “What is Happiness for you?”

I found myself instantly uplifted just by the title of his film, and over the following days, found this question having a lasting impact in my mind. As I was teaching a yoga class the following morning, with Julien in attendance, I had the idea to invite him for this interview, to dive deeper into his film, and this important question.

Through this conversation I learned that Julien has a second film almost completed, and a big goal to build a school. It’s not just any school he wants to build, but a School of Life, for parents, students, and teachers, learn the alternative education that is missing in most schools, and the part that our societies so sorely need in order to find that happiness we’re always talking about.

I hope you enjoy this conversation and find some inspiration and tools here to support you on your happiness journey.

Check the show notes for a trailer of the film, and links on how to see it, as well as Julien’s other projects.

Enjoy and namaste…

Instagram @Julien_peron_officiel


Trailer « C’est quoi le bonheur pour vous? » >>

Chaine Youtube >>

Jun 18, 2018

Greetings Rainbow Warriors!

I’m still in the forest in Auvergne in what’s known as the “green heart” of France. Truly, we’re in the land of the volcanoes here drinking the pristine spring water and enjoying the views of the seemingly endless green rolling hills. I’ve been walking barefoot on the earth here, teaching yoga, and exhaling in this magnificent raw natural environment. 

I feel so blessed that I’ll be here teaching yoga on the 4th International Yoga Day on the Solstice, June 21st. We’ll be having a solstice ceremony and practicing yoga, really in unison with hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. You can look for a local event  in your area to join the celebration, and if you have never practiced yoga, I invite you to take the initiative on this day, to join in the collective global energy of this practice that has proven to bring more health and balance to the body , as well as peace and and expansion to the mind and Spirit.

wow, I’m just so grateful for the practice of yoga because I witness every single day how many gifts it has brought to my life. I sincerely hope that this show is a source of inspiration to you, to start or deepen your personal practice. It is the life path that continually lights my way, and it’s the gift that keeps on giving.


So now, on to todays’ show. I’m so happy to introduce you to today’s guest, Morgan Gaignon. She’s the chef of a little restaurant in Paris called Sol Semilla. Gratefully, I discovered this place by chance as I was walking down the street , and the deeper I looked, the more I liked what I was finding.

Sol Semilla is a French brand of superfoods from a fully integrated chain, from seed to plate, and they’ve opened their organic, vegan, gluten free restaurant to nourish as well as teach their customers how to cook  with and use the superfoods. The food there is super high vibration “soul food” always made with that all important and delicious ingredient of love. It’s an educational initiative as well as a restaurant, based in good intentions.  They also have a youtube channel full of videos teaching people how to use superfoods, and how they contribute to better health.

I was really so impressed with what I found there. We did the interview in the restaurant, so you’ll get the feel for the place with the background noise.

I really urge you to check out their website, and their Youtube channel, and next time you find your self in Paris, don’t miss the chance to discover this delicious food and marinate in the high vibe atmosphere they’ve created.

You’ll hear us in the discussion talking about a word:totum, which at the time I was unfamiliar with. I’ve since researched it and learned that in essence it’s that philosophy of :the sum of the different aspects, being more than the individual parts, but this time, in relation to medicinal plants. What this means is that when we consume the entire plant, we’re getting the synergistic benefit, rather than consuming an isolated nutrient, which doesn’t manage to deliver the same level of nutrition.

And, just so you know, the mysterious berry we discuss, I’ve come to learn is what I know as the golden berry. If you were at my last presentation at The Lightning in a Bottle Festival, you tasted that inside the chia pudding recipe I made, along with gogi berries.  These little berries pack a deep nutrient punch, and I urge you to discover them yourself if you’re not already familiar.

You can visit the Sol Semilla website to learn more about all the wonderful superfoods they are sharing with their customers, and the world.

Meeting people and places like this really lifts my heart. It’s inspiring to see this passion for health and well being , through the use of conscious eating, being embraced and shared, around the world. The focus on education here I think, is an integral piece of what we, as a shared humanity need to support and grow greater health, together.

This place is definitely, 100% conscious eating approved, and I can’t wait to visit again!

I hope you enjoy the interview and find some inspiration to give more attention to the food you’re consuming, and how you can nourish your body temple in the best way possible, to activate YOUR highest potential, and support you in delivering your unique gifts to the world.

Find all the links to this and more on my website,

Join our facebook group

Enjoy, namaste and bon appetite! goldenberry


Jun 11, 2018

Greetings Rainbow Warriors,

I’m still in this massive forest in France and waking up with such profound gratitude each day that I’m living this yomad lifestyle and sharing yoga all over the world. Are you following my instagram feed yet? Have you joined my Visionary Lifestyle and Podcast page and group yet? The community is growing and we want you to be a part of it!

Check the show notes for link to my accounts and please do keep in touch. I love hearing from you and answering your questions so please keep them coming.

I truly hope you’re enjoying the show and sharing it with those you think could benefit from it!

Today’s guest is yoga legend Sharon Gannon.

Sharon is a 21st-century Renaissance woman, an animal rights and vegan activist and a world-renowned yogini, perhaps best known as the founder, along with David Life, of the Jivamukti Yoga Method. She is also an accomplished writer, dancer, painter, musician and chef. Sharon has devoted many years exploring the role of diet in promoting physical, emotional and mental well-being as well as spiritual development. She lives in a 125-acre wild forest sanctuary in Woodstock, NY.

She is a pioneer in teaching yoga as spiritual activism and is credited for making yoga cool and hip—relating ancient teachings of yoga to the modern world. Sharon's book Yoga and Vegetarianism has been called the "seminal" work on the subject, exploring the relationship of veganism to the teachings of yoga.

Sharon is a also a musician and is a featured vocalist on many CDs.She has produced numerous yoga-related DVDs and is the author of several books on yoga. Her latest offering is Simple Recipes for Joy: More than 200 Delicious Vegan Recipes, a beautifully illustrated cookbook with recipes that are featured in the Jivamuktea Café in NYC.

Sharon's writing has also appeared in numerous publications.

I met Sharon at The International Yoga Day at the United Nations in New York last year, where she was teaching a class. I was moved by many of the words she shared, so I caught up with her a few days later at the Jivamukti school near Union Square, that she founded with her husband David Life.

We talked yoga and she spelled out the ideal yogi diet.  Sharon has a fresh take on the subject, really breaking it down from a yogic perspective. I learned so much in this conversation, and I hope you do too.

I urge you to read her book Yoga and Vegetarianism as a follow up to listening to this show. If you consider yourself a yogi or on the yogic path at all, I’d say this is required reading.

Enjoy and Namaste

Jun 4, 2018

Greetings Rainbow Warriors!

I’m still in the middle of a forest in France, and ready for you to join me here in this Widerness Wellness Experience through June 23rd, anytime it’s convenient for you for as few or as many days as you wish. We’re in a  300 year old eco lodge and spa in the forest, surrounded by pristine nature, and I’m teaching yoga here twice a day.

Check the show notes or my Visionary Lifestyle and Podcast Page for details on that.

Our guest today is one of my sheros, the one and only, Seane Corn.

Seane Corn is an internationally celebrated yoga teacher known for her impassioned activism, unique self-expression, and inspirational style of teaching. As a leading voice of Yoga and social change, Seane has been featured in countless media platforms across the globe. She has been seen on the cover of over 30 magazines and utilizes her national platform to bring awareness to global humanitarian issues.

In 2005, she was named “National Yoga Ambassador” for YouthAIDS, and in 2013 was given the “Global Green International Environmental Leadership Award.” Since 2007, she has been training leaders of activism through her co-founded organization Off the Mat, Into the World®.

Seane has spent time in the US, India, Cambodia, Haiti and Africa working with communities in need- teaching yoga, providing support for child labor and educating people about HIV/AIDS prevention. Seane is also co-founder of the Seva Challenge Humanitarian Tours, which have raised roughly $4 million since 2007, getting the yoga community involved in fund and awareness raising efforts across the globe.

Her self-authored dvds are available through Gaiam and Yoga Journal, as well as her most recent groundbreaking 3-dvd set “The Yoga of Awakening” through Sounds True.  She is currently working on her first book.

I’m so excited to bring you this interview with one of my biggest sheroes! I met Seane back in 2011 when I invited her to join me teaching yoga in Los Angeles on 11/11/11 during the Occupy protest on the lawn at City Hall.

She showed up in spades on that day, bringing her whole tribe from Off the Mat Into the World as well as organizing all the top yoga teachers in LA to join us. It was a phenomenal day that I’ll never forget. Make sure to check out the show notes for pics of that.

I’ve interviewed Seane several times for different publications over the years because she stands, so firmly, for all the things I deeply care about.  She is karma yoga in action.

She is a huge role model for me and so many others.


We recorded this interview last year in New York City at the United Nations on International Yoga Day where Seane was teaching a class to celebrate the occasion, with all my Rishikesh yoga tribe on site too. It was a truly spectacular day to be a yogi!

And guys, we’re almost at that time again. This Summer Solstice, June 21st, will be the 4th International Day of Yoga! I’ll be teaching in France and would love love love for you to join me here to celebrate that and join a worldwide group of people who recognize the tremendous benefits of yoga.


Seane and I deep dive here into what it means to be a yogi. I looooove this conversation and I just know you will find lots of inspiration in it too.

Remember to check the show notes at for links to Seane and things we talk about during the interview.

Enjoy and namaste

Occupy Your Mat Pics

Skyland Animal Sanctuary

Wilderness Wellness Experience in France with Magda

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