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The Visionary Lifestyle Podcast is a seasonal Variety Show Published Weekly and Featuring: Interviews, Topic Based Episodes, and Q and A shows. I’m your host, Magda Freedom Rod: Health and lifestyle guide, mother, yoga instructor, environmentalist, conscious eating expert, content creator and world traveling digital nomad. You’ll hear interviews with: Inspiring soulutionaries, change makers, thought leaders, social entrepreneurs, activists, conscious media makers, authors, yogis, conscious musicians and more. Topics include: yoga, conscious eating, meditation, Ayurveda, sustainability, alternative health, healing, spirituality, activism, non-toxic living and many more. “My mission is to inspire, educate and empower in order to activate the highest potential of individuals and our collective world in such a way that we create a healthy, thriving humanity and a sustainable planet.” It’s my hope that this podcast will serve as a clarion call to gather the tribe that is interested in being the change we wish to see in the world. I believe that as we become activated into our own highest potential through the use of tools including yoga, conscious eating and meditation, we become empowered to deliver our gifts to the world. The Visionary Lifestyle is about raising consciousness on the planet. We believe in self love, animal love and planet love. Join us. Visit to learn more, read show notes and submit comments and questions. Donations gratefully received at Namaste
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Dec 18, 2017

Our guest today is Kayla Wexelberg. Kayla is a chef, an educator and a yogini. She the founder of Taste Your Roots. Taste Your Roots’ goal is grounding and educating people in their food culture, the land, and supporting them on the journey to developing a self motivated sustainable food system. Her website states: With the diverse foods that exists today, we help folks find food practices that, not only give them healthy nourishing sustenance but a deeper sense of being in connection with their food and their land. Taste Your Roots achieves this through hands on cooking classes, private chef work, conscious caterings' and individual health consultations. In addition, Taste Your Roots is constantly researching and documenting food practices and traditions all over the world. The information gathered is intertwined in classes and used to help us understand the importance of food traditions and the information they have to offer us in understanding a history, a culture and a geographic landscape. Most importantly this research is aimed at answering the questions of how to live a sustainable and connected life.

A fellow yogini, Kayla also completed her yoga teacher training in Rishikesh India this year.

I met Kayla at the New Earth Festival in Bali where she was preparing food to nourish the participants. I was super impressed with what she was serving up, and saw very quickly that she was a kindred spirit. She managed to pull herself away from the busy kitchen to have this chat with me.

We talk about food, seed to table, food and the chakra system, and yoga.

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I enjoyed having it.

Kayla you kick ass!



Dec 14, 2017

Greetings rainbow warriors,Today I’m coming from you from Morocco, with a heavy heart. Over the last week I’ve watched  a nightmare unfold. My sweet home town of Ojai ,California just north of Los Angeles, has been burning. California wildfires are raging through the state, and sadly this sweet little idyllic valley also fell victim to them. Ojai is the sacred valley of the moon, named by the Chumash tribe that first inhabited it. It’s a small and tight knit spiritual town where I built a yoga community atop a mountain that overlooked the entire valley, in a center called Meditation Mount. This has been my family and community for years, which supported me and gave me the trust to lead them in yoga. This community made me the teacher I am today. I am forever grateful to those who believed in me, and my students who attended classes week after week, deepening their own practice, and unbeknownst to them also filling my heart with so much gratitude as they allowed me to share the sacred gift of yoga with them, creating such a fulfuling livlihood for me.


So this last week, The entire city was forced to evacuate. Many friends lost their homes, and that center I spoke of, Meditation Mount, had the fires ravage the land and gardens. Though some of the structures still remain, and we expect in Divine timing, the center will reopen to once again serve as a peaceful place for people to gather and meditate daily in service to humanity as they’ve been doing there for over 40 years..


My heart has been engaged in the news non stop as the horror has unfolded. Almost everyone is still displaced as the air is too toxic to breathe there right now.I humbly ask you to send your prayers and good thoughts to this very special communiyt of activated souls, so many tru Rainbow Warriors there. The local organic grocery store is even names Rainbow Bridge guys, if that give you any idea.

The fire maps show that eventually the fires made it 100% completely around the town which is a long narrow valley and could have easily been swallowed whole by the giant flames. Thanks to the tireless work of the thousands of hero firefighters, and a few miracles resulting from lots of collective prayer, the main town did not burn. It’s really nothing short of a miracle.

So, today I’m called to share with you, a recording of one of my yoga classes at our beloved Meditation Mount. As you listen, envision a mountain top glass enclosed sanctuary with a massive skylight leading up to the heavens, with views of exquisite gardens, majestic mountains, and our magical valley below. It has been a true honor to be a part of this community, and I and many are holding space for a phoenix from the ashes story for Meditation Mount, and the town as a whole.

You can visit my Visionary LIfestyle and Podcast facebook page to see a video I shared, to help the fire victims strengthen their root chakras, which are undoubtedly out of balance at this traumatic time. The root chakra is what makes us feel safe a and secure in the world, and when our homes , live or livlihoods are threatened a lot of instability ca result. That video can be helpful to anyway concerned about their physical survival. Please check it out and share it with anyone affected by the fires.

I hope you enjoy the class. I look forward to hearing your feedback. I’m always happy to hear from you guys. You can contact me through my facebook page or website any time

This one’s for you my Ojai tribe. We are the rainbow bridge that connects heaven and earth, eternity with the now. Namaste

Dec 11, 2017

Today’s guest is Michael Tellinger. Michael is a scientist, explorer, researcher, activist, humanitarian and internationally acclaimed author of numerous books, and dozens of lectures available on YouTube. He is the founder of the UBUNTU Liberation Movement of UNITY & Higher Consciousness a political party registered in the UK. His latest contribution to the literary world is UBUNTU Contributionism – A Blueprint For Human Prosperity in which he lays the foundation for the philosophy of Contributionism – a world without money. In which people live in united communities in support of each other, rather than the divided communities in fear of each other that we find ourselves in today.

Michael has become an authority on the ancient vanished civilisations of Southern Africa. His continued efforts and analytical scientific approach have produced stunning new evidence that will force us to rethink our origins and rewrite our history books.

I connected with Michael at the New Earth Festival in Bali, and was blown away by his presentation and the information he was sharing. I only got a short time to interview him, as he was rushing off to reveal their new free energy device.

Michael says everything we’ve been told is a lie, and that we’re a species with amnesia. His findings are truly fascinating. We talked about the torus energy field, cymascopes, contributionism, and how sound waves can kill cancer cells. He explains that the human voice is a creation tool. Basically, everything comes from the primordial sourcecode of sound, and it all comes down to harmonic resonance he says.

Michael is connecting the dots between past and present, and wants us to move out the matrix of division into unity. Sounds like a plan, doesn’t  it tribe?

Make sure to check the show notes, for links to Michael’s website as well as youtube videos about some of the topics we covered in this interview.


Michael Tellinger – Ubuntu Contributionism



Anthony holland-youtube Killing Cancer with Sound



Dec 4, 2017

Greeting from Morocco Rainbow Warriors!Today’s guests are Bianca and Michael Alexander. This conscious power couple is producing conscious media in the form of a fantastic TV Show called Conscious Living TV.

A labor of love, they launched their positive news TV show on Earth Day 2007 after “conceiving” the idea over their honeymoon in Asia.

Their mission is to raise the vibration of the planet – one person at a time – through inspiring television. The show now airs in 90+ broadcast TV markets across the U.S. and internationally via Smart TV and AolOn.

I met Bianca and Michael about 10 years ago when I had my Visionary Boutique in Los Angeles. We hung out in the same circles and I remember being so impressed with what they were creating, and fell in love with both of their beautiful souls too. It was a real treat to meet them again at The New Earth Festival in Bali where we were both speaking.

Take a listen to this inspiring interview about what it means to live consciously, and make sure to check out their show for loads of uplifting and entertaining content.

As usual find the links to everything in the show notes on my website at

While you’re there, if you feel called to support the show please click through to my patreon page and sign up to make a small monthly donation that will go to help cover my out of pocket expenses for this podcast. I don’t take any advertising dollars from anyone, because I want the the show to be supported by generous donations from inspired rainbow warriors like yourself, who are benefitting from this content.

And if you haven’t checked out my Visionary LIfestyle and Podcast facebook page , go there to find lots of free videos and inspiring content to keep you empowered between shows.

And to see my behind the scenes adventures and travels, follow me on Instagram at visionary_life_guide and of course Im on instagram at visionarylifestylepodcast as well.

If you gain anything from these episodes, please share it with friends and family so they can benefit as well.

And now, enjoy the show.


Conscious Living TV

Bianca and Michael Alexander



Book: The China Study

Autobiography of a Yogi

Nov 28, 2017

Our guest today is Jules Bright. Jules is a New Zealand native, a Mother, Registered Nurse, Registered Naturopath, Medical Herbalist, Rongoa  practitioner(Maori Bush Medicine), Ambulance Officer, Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner, Remedial Body Therapist, Skin care designer, developer and manufacturer (100% natural rainforest based, patent pending), Teacher (Reflexology, bush medicine and bush survival courses), Entrepreneur and Author, plus she flies airplanes!

It has been made known to her on several occasions that Now is the Time to share some of the knowledge she’s accumulated , as the Earth is in danger.


“The way we are living is not sustainable for Planet Earth or her inhabitants”, Jules says. She has a vision to come together as a global community and activate change through our human potential – in the best way possible; to co-create your life into the Dream Life that we have always wanted. Jules plugged in to her Higher Knowledge and ever since has ‘downloaded’ potent and powerful information that we require for our ascension with the Planet, utilising our gifts and talents collectively.


I met Jules at The New Earth Festival in Bali where she was presenting a workshop entitled “Sacred Earth Medicine”. I was immediately struck by her presence when I saw her photo in the program, and then I went to her workshop. I took pages of notes as everything she spoke of was so intriguing for me. She spoke of plants, earth medicine, wild food and cycles in a way I had not heard from anyone before. Jules calls herself a self appointed voice for the trees. Listen to our conversation and you’ll understand why.


I feel so blessed I got this time with her as everyone at the festival was vying for her attention. And after the interview we sat and drank coconuts together for a couple hours as she told me one unbelievable jaw dropping story after another, about the adventure that has been her life.

This woman seriously needs to have a movie made about her extraordinary life experiences..

So for now, take a listen and see if you can find some inspiration in the unique insights and sharing from the one and only, Jules Bright.

















Nov 13, 2017

Greetings Rainbow Warriors, I’m coming to you from beautiful Paradis Plage in Morocco today, where I’m working with the chefs to create a new conscious eating yogi menu, as well as teaching yoga and workshops. It’s a magical place right on the beach in the front of the beautiful Atlantic ocean with warm sunshine every day, and I’m feeling so blessed to be here doing what I love.

Maybe we’ll put together a retreat here, wanna come? ;)

Our guest today is Justin Stearman. Justin is the owner of Yoga Guide Magazine and Yoga Guide Media, a conscious lifestyle media company. Justin spent 10 years in nightlife, promoting parties and alcohol. When he turned 30 he took a year off and spent a lot of time meditating. With a nudge from the women in his life, he went to a yoga retreat that changed everything. He had  a huge awakening when he says his 3rd eye opened, and has learned since then, that yoga is a natural high. Justin is a living example of transformation from a low vibration lifestyle to a high vibration lifestyle. He’s moved literally from the darkness to the light.  His personal transformation has birthed a new company to promote a healthy conscious lifestyle that is lifting the vibration on the planet worldwide..

I met Justin at The New Earth Festival in Bali. I had been seeing his Yoga Guide Magazine around and wanted to meet the man behind it. Next thing I knew,  Spirit put us in the same room, and fortunately we made the time to do this interview.

This is Justin’s story. I hope you find some inspiration here and enjoy this conversation as much as I did. It’s a tale of transformation, gratitude and and evolving consciousness.

Nov 6, 2017

Greetings from Morocco beloved community. This is the first show in a new season of the podcast, so if you haven’t heard the previous seasons, go back and enjoy some of those episodes, there’s a lot of value for you there, I promise.

Today’s guest is Jenna Ansell. Jenna is a conscious event producer and the director of the New Earth Ancient Futures Festival in Bali.

This year marks the first New Earth Festival, and to understand what it’s about, take in this bit from their website:

“As a Planetary Community we are experiencing healing (evolutionary) crises in every aspect of our lives and we need to endow ourselves with the tools to navigate this transition on both the personal and trans-personal level. We are compelled to come together to connect and create tangible solutions to what does not serve us as individuals or as communities for the benefit of all humanity.

The aim of the NewEarth Festival is to provide a space to do this through the co-creation of an alchemical environment in play, celebration, nourishment, healing, learning and teaching. We hope to ignite the spark in those who attend so they can in turn ignite the spark in others. We hope to nurture the sovereign creative expression within us all.

This is a seed event for visionary creatives, change makers, and thought leaders who can be bridge-builders between communities across the world and thereby inspire others. It is a gathering of the tribes where imagination manifests as reality and the unthinkable becomes the norm. It is a change of perspectives, values and priorities in a world of infinite possibility.”


Now I was there and I can attest that this is exactly what happened. Jenna and the team there truly did create a space to help activate people’s highest potential and the sparks were indeed flying, as you’ll hear in our conversation.


Jenna speaks of being the change and creating the world that we want, exactly the aim of this show, so it was of course a huge yes for me to attend and have these conversations with the souls who created, or I’m going to use the world “channeled” this event into existence.


In the interview we take a deep dive into the purpose of this festival that is so heavy into earth wisdom, deep nutrition, awareness and liminality.


I hope you find some inspiration in this conversation and by the end of it you may just be booking your ticket to Bali for the next one.


As usual, show notes are found on my website, as well as in itunes.

“Absolutely everybody has a light inside of them, it’s a matter of whether or not it’s been sparked.”




























Nov 6, 2017

Greetings beloved community, rainbow warriors, visionaries and change makers! I’m so pleased to be bringing you a fresh new season of The Visionary Lifestyle Podcast.

This is the 4th season of the show, and like the last one, all of the interviews were done in Bali, but this time at The New Earth Ancient Futures Festival. A one of a kind gathering especially for visionaries, thought leaders and changemakers like yourselves.

I interviewed the producers and many of the presenters so you can have a taste of Bali and all the magic that happens when a group of activated conscious people come together. We are indeed, more than the sum of our parts.

I was proud to be invited to share my Conscious Eating message there, and grateful for the people that received it so well and pledged to make changes to make every bite an expression of love for themselves, the animals and the planet.

This gathering was a group of people who are truly being the change, and inspiring others to be as well.

I met incredible people at this gathering and am so excited to be bringing them to you through the show.

My biggest take-away from this season as that at it’s core, everything is vibration. You’ll hear conversations with an assortment of people that all come to this conclusion from a different angle.

There’s really fascinating stuff coming up for you in this season! You know I love hearing from you so drop me an email at I want to hear your comments and questions.

Until then, please enjoy the show and share share share it with your communities. We all need to spread the word to get our brothers and sisters on the path of awakening. Thank you for your support.

Donations to support the show are always appreciated and are best made at patreon or paypal, and I’ll put links in the shownotes for those.

And now, onto the show…..enjoy and namaste

Oct 30, 2017

Greetings from Morocco Rainbow Warriors. Today’s guest is Leo Rising. Leo Rising is a Yoga Teacher based in Manhattan, NY. Since 2010 Leo Rising has been living a life in holistic & mystical service as a healer & personal guide to highly prominent beings in corporate, celebrity, and sensitive artistic lifestyles. As a trained and adept  Spiritualist, Leo offers a unique remedy to the trials and tribulation of modern day life through, "The Roarrior Shift", his 1-on-1 Lifestyle Guru mentorship program. Born with a few extra senses and charismatic sweetness that never runs out of fuel, Leo Rising is sought out by students internationally for his cosmic personality, precision, and guidance through the energetic layers of humanity. As a yoga teacher, Leo found that the physically rehabilitating practices of asana (yoga poses) and pranyama (breath work) open aspects of existence that are connected, grounded, stable and promote clarity upon every action, and the space to exist fully present, while still.

I met Leo at the Bali Spirit Festival and was instantly drawn to his charismatic energy.I joined one of his classes, was super inspired by it, and was fortunate enough to find this time to sit and talk yoga with him.  We talk here about the law of attraction, the 5th chakra and the magical syncronicity that is so present in Bali

I’m grateful to know inspirational people like Leo are out in the world sharing yoga and lifting hearts.

Make sure to check out his instagram feed for further inspiration, as usual find the link in the show on my website at

Enjoy and namaste






Oct 23, 2017

Greeting rainbow warriors! I’m coming to you from Morocco today! I hope you’re enjoying following my travels in instagram, and finding value in these episodes I’m sharing. We’re almost done with season 3 of the podcast now, and season 4 will be starting soon. I’m so grateful you’re showing up to receive this content and it’s my prayer that you are learning things that are empowering and inspiring you here! If you’re not already following my facebook page, check that out for videos of short practices I’m recording as I travel around the world. That’s at Visionary LIfestyle & Podcast on Facebook.

So now….

Let’s get Juicy!

Today’s guest is Petra Juicy. Petra is a Juicy Life Activist and Green Smoothie Gangster. She loves empowering, inspiring and healing people through green smoothies, juicy food and juicy thoughts. She considers herself a spokesperson for the benefits of green smoothies, fresh juices, raw food, alternative healing, natural skin care and proper bowel care. Her mission is to inspire you to eat juicy think juicy and feel juicy!

She got on the healthy track when her mother was diagnosed with cancer and died 3 months later. She did extensive research at this time and learned that in fact our bodies can heal themselves. She’s now on a mission to share this wisdom with the world.

I met Petra at the Bali Spirit Festival where I heard her presenting a workshop and found myself nodding in agreement with everything she said. She’s a thunderbolt of healthy enthusiastic energy, a walking billboard for her message of health and vitality.

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

As usual, find links to what we talk about, and Petra’s website, in the show notes at

In this episode we talk about:

  • What to eat to truly hydrate ourselves.
  • The importance of drinking good water.
  • The power of green smoothies.
  • Some frank cancer talk.
  • Why chlorophyll is amazing.
  • Your issues are in your tissues.
  • We’re holding on to our crap.
  • The yoga of poohing
  • Self Love and Self Talk
  • Raising the vibration on the planet


Enjoy and namaste,



Twitter @PetraEatJuicy

Gerson Therapy








Oct 16, 2017

Greetings Rainbow Warriors! I’m coming to your from Morocco today, where I’m doing daily yoga and learning to surf. feeling so blessed to be in a place where I can connect with nature daily, and still be connected enough to bring you this weekly show.


Our guest today is Jeffrey Armstrong.


Jeffrey is an Award-winning poet and best-selling author of numerous books including: Spiritual Teachings of the Avatar, Ancient Wisdom for a New World.

Jeffrey is a relationship expert, philosopher, practitioner and teacher of the Vedas for over 40 years. Prior to his teaching he had a successful career as an executive in Silicon Valley and spent five years in an ashram as a brahmacharya (monk). He is a sought after guest expert on TV and talk radio. For 15 years, he was a corporate executive in Silicon Valley, and a speaker for Fortune 500 companies and was was written about regularly in USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, LA times, San Jose Mercury News, Discover Magazine, CNN, Stern and many others.


Previously trained as a monk in the traditional way for 5 years he also has degrees in Psychology, History & Comparative Religion and English Literature.

For the past 40+ years and currently as the Media and Communications Director for both the Vedic Friends Association (VFA) and the Hindu Collective Initiative for North America (HCI-NA), he’s been a global advocate for the Hindu Sanatan Dharma culture and has spoken at some of the most prestigious universities, conferences and corporations around the world.

I caught up with Jeffrey at the Bali Spirit Festival where he was offering teachings for Yogic Thought Leaders. He grabbed my attention with that right away, and gratefully, I got to spend some valuable time with him picking his enormous brain to learn how we can all be yogic thought leaders. I love this conversation and I promise you it’s jam packed with wisdom that is highly useful.

The thing that stands out to most for me of all that Jeffrey and I spoke about, is the notion of vritis , the fluctuations of the mind, and how yoga is the practice that dissolves them.

Jeffrey offers

Life Changing Yoga Philosophy & Lifestyle Courses on his website, so make sure to check those out, as always, links are in the show notes.


Enjoy, and namaste

Oct 9, 2017

Aloha Rainbow warriors. I’m coming to you from Morocco today. I’m here soaking up the sun and sea wit a beautiful soul tribe, and I couldn’t feel more blessed.

How are you guys doing? Send me an email and tell me what you’d like to hear about on the show, I always love connecting with you guys.


Todays guest is Rob Webber, also known as DJ Raio

Rob is a self described cultural creative. He’s a music producer,DJ,Musician, Father, land steward and is a co-founder of the Bali Spirit Festival, which celebrated it’s 10th year this year. Rob also curates all the music at the festival.

We met up at the Yoga Barn in Bali after the festival, to talk music, ecstatic dance, , the power of kirtan, sound healing, culture, and the incredible magic of Bali.

Show notes for links to Rob’s work:


Oct 2, 2017

Namaste Beloveds.This episode is a practice in balancing, aligning and clearing the chakras. Tune in to hear me leading your through a journey of the chakras, with specific affirmations and visualizations for each one.

Learning your energy centers and how to balance them is an empowering journey that when applied, can help you live a more balanced life.

I hope you find value in this practice, and use it often to keep yourself balanced , empowered and peaceful.

Please drop me a line if you do the practice, and let me know how it works for you. As always, I'm happy to answer any questions you have as well.

You can email me here:



Sep 25, 2017

Greeting rainbow warriors! Today I’m coming to you from the Balearic islands in Spain. I’m in palma ,Mallorca to be exact. Feeling so blessed to be here and to be sharing this episode you because it’s rich with wisdom. My phone was stolen is Lisbon last week, which gave me lots of opportunity to practice yoga. What I mean by that is, when stressful incidents happen, I bust out my yoga toolbox for support. Pranayama, meditation and yoga are what keep me sane in this often insane world.

This is a potent week energetically as well with the Fall Equinox, the International Day of Peace and Navaratri, the 9 day celebration of the Divine Mother happening in India. If you didn’t already see it, check out my facebook live video on my Visionary Lifestyle & Podcast page there.

Today our guest is Sri. Vijay Gopala. He is a certified Yoga Teacher. who has been teaching Yoga for more than 20 years and is also a personal trainer who provides one-to-one life transformation sessions and self-evolving programs. Born in Mysore, India, the capital of the Yoga world, from his childhood Vijay Gopala was drawn to the discipline of yoga thanks to his father who guided and taught him in a very serene atmosphere. He studied from his early age in all the branches of yoga. He went to University in Bangalore and has two Master Degrees in Philosophy and Yoga where he learned about religions and belief systems. His specialization is Bhagavadgita and Greek philosophy. He also has a post graduate diploma in development planning from the University of Mysore. Vijay Gopala traveled throughout India and has studied with many teachers as well as interacting with many knowledgeable people, and delivering lectures on many subjects.

He regularly travels to the West to impart yoga methodology which contains the finer qualities of both eastern and western life skills. Together with his life experiences it has made his teaching rich in expertise required for modern day life skills with the foundation of traditional strengthful inner qualities.

He is fully aware of each persons ability when they come to him, and he shares the teaching of Yoga with a rare warmth, humanity and wisdom required for any kind of transformation to take place. Teaching for him is a natural flow of sharing his experience and serve others and to contribute to the benefit of humanity.

Sri. Vijay Gopala is recognized as a Senior Yoga Teacher (SYT) with Yoga Alliance UK.  

I met Vijay at The Bali Spirit Festival and felt so blessed to have this conversation with him.

I’m inspired by the depth of his wisdom and his gentle approach to sharing it.

This is a great episode for yoga teachers and practitioners to listen to because it’s full of yogic philosophy and enlightened perspectives about what yoga is and how it helps us to become more harmonious people in the world.

We cover a wide range of topics in this interview, and I took a lot of notes re-listening to it. I learn right along with you guys during these interviews.

We go deep on samskaras, yogic anatomy, ahimsa, presence, how yogis eat, the 8 limbs of yoga according to Patanjali, and even yogic advice for parents. You don’t want to miss this one, and you may just want to take notes.

I’m putting a bunch of his great nuggets of wisdom in the show notes so make sure to check that out, and I’m including a link to the version of Patanjali’s yoga sutras that I’m carrying around the world with me.  Check for those on

“We are all pure at the source. We are all pure inside of us. “ Why we express the impurities is because of the imprints, those imprints make us behave in a particular way. If you remove the imprints you can express harmony.”

“We practice yoga to burn the samskaras”

“Actually there are no styles of yoga. Yoga is yoga.”

“Try to be nothing, then you are everything”

“Quality of life is determined by your amount of presence”

“Do your actions match your intentions?”

“If you”re a yoga practitioner eating meat is not possible”

“Yoga will not happen by force”

“If you know how to do the practice of yoga, it’s not a big thing to reach samadhi”


#Life Skills




Sep 18, 2017

Our guest today is Aleks Glitzeric.
Aleks is a theta healer, a yoga instructor, a conscious eater and an empowerment powerhouse.
She travels the world hosting empowerment workshops and pop up brunches, and teaching empowerment yoga.
She asks on her website” If you'd be radically honest to yourself today, what would you allow yourself to see?”
I caught up with Aleks at The Bali Spirit Festival where I attended her theta healing workshop.
We sat down in a lush butterfly filled jungle to have a sweet conversation about consciousness, the environment, and theta healing as a way to heal limiting beliefs and negative patterns.
Make sure to check the show notes to find her website and social media channels, she has loads of great videos on youtube and is really active on instagram so you can connect with her there.
I hope you find value in this conversation, I sure did!
Enjoy, and namaste

Skinny Bitch:


“If I take care of the environment it takes care of me too”

Sep 11, 2017

Our guest today is Eoin Finn. Eoin Finn is a yogi, surfer and blissologist from Vancouver, BC. A philosophy graduate, he has been deepening his understanding of Meditation, Yoga and Eastern Philosophy since 1989. In the mid-nineties he moved to Maui and learned Ashtanga and Power Yoga and later Vinjana Yoga. He’s been teaching yoga for 18 years. Eoin is a karma yogi with a deep passion for the oceans, and a connection and reverence for nature, that is truly inspiring.

His yoga teacher trainings generally include a lot of education about the environment, as well as hands on projects to help clean and protect it.

His Ecokarma program is replacing endangered coral in Key Largo Florida and beyond.

Eion says “Karma is the offering of unselfish service – our offering to the world. I want us to connect our love for ecology with both the physical yoga practice and selfless service of Karma yoga.  “

I caught up with Eion at the Bali Spirit Festival and we dropped in about the state of the oceans, the effects of overfishing and carbon on the oceans, and what it means to be a karma yogi.

He shares his love for nature, explains his main goal in life and guides us on his path of Blissology.

If you go back to my first episode and listen to the “7 steps of activating your highest potential” show , you’ll see that Eion really speaks to one of my points, which is seva, or being in service, sometimes known as karma yoga.

I’m really impressed with Eion’s dedication to educating and inspiring people to pay attention to what’ happening to the oceans, and empowering them to find their own inner power and voice to be the change we want to see in the world.

Take a listen and let me know thoughts. I’m always happy to receive emails from you guys.

Just drop me a line on

As usual, there are links to the books mentioned as well as links to Eion’s work, in the show notes which you’ll find on

I hope you enjoy the show….


Eion’s Website:

Eion’s Podcast: (psssst!Free yoga classes!)

Eco Karma Indie Gogo Campaign:



Taras Grescoe:Bottom Feeder:

Alanna Marshall: Sea Sick

























Sep 4, 2017

Our guest today is Katchie Ananda. Katchie is an international Yoga and Dharma teacher whose life’s work has been to explore the practices of yoga and dharma and share their path to freedom with others. She has well over 10,000 teaching hours, spanning nearly 30 years as a full-time practitioner and trainer and she has developed numerous approaches to wisdom in body, mind and heart. Her eclectic background includes certifications in Anusara, Jivamukti, Integral, Ashtanga Yoga by Richard Freeman and many years of practice with Buddhist teacher and author Jack Kornfield.

At one point, Katchie was the co-founder/director of Yoga Sangha, a studio in San Francisco’s Mission district, dedicated to Yoga and Dharma. Under Katchie’s guidance, Yoga Sangha became a much beloved community center and attracted students who shared a concern for social justice and equality. In 2007 Katchie launched the powerful Spiritual Activation Series, a forum through which the yoga community could connect with well-known authors and activists such as John Robbins, Jack Kornfield and Julia Butterfly Hill. The goal of the series was to raise awareness about human and animal rights, the environment, social justice, and highlight the interconnectedness of Yoga and Dharma. In this same spirit, Katchie volunteered for many years at San Quentin, teaching yoga and Dharma to long-term inmates. Her leadership and example in yoga and social change prompted Yoga Journal to name Katchie one of five top yoga teachers making change in the world.

It was a rare treat to catch her in Bali because she doesn’t teach much at festivals or in small classes these days.  I sat with her after taking two of her classes at the Bali Spirit Festival, because I was so impressed with her vast wisdom and open hearted teaching style.

In our interview Katchi talks about her journey and passion as a yoga teacher for nearly 30 years.

We discuss the value of a solo home practice, expressing the elements through your practice.

And how practicing yoga helps you trust your own inner authority, and can make the world a better place.

Check the show notes to find Katchie’s schedule, links to her book, and also her inspiring instagram account as well as soundcloud, which includes a large playlist of her yoga classes.

I found her energy incredibly sincere, uplifting and inspirational. I hope you do too. Enjoy the show, and namaste.

The Art of Awakening Book:

Aug 28, 2017

I’m very excited to introduce today’s guest, Xavier Rudd.

Since the very beginning, Xavier's ability to connect with people has been his most powerful gift. The more he has toured the world, the more hearts he has touched and the more of the world he has put back into his music.

Showcasing an ability to play several instruments at once, and Drawing inspiration from his ancestors, his music is unique and powerful, with a quickly growing worldwide audience.

His diverse and acclaimed career is going from strength to strength, with his message of global togetherness, acceptance and respect as well as his dynamic musical connection. He is quickly solidifying his place as one of Australia's greatest artists, activists and spirits.

I first heard his music during a meditation weekend in Ojai, California a couple years ago, and it immediately had a profound effect on my heart. I’ve since added it into my yoga playlists and my students always ask me what that amazing song was…..

Check the show notes and the second part of this show,  to get a listen to that song….

Xavier and I  connected in Bali where he was headlining the Bali Spirit Festival. We sat down just after the sound-check for his show, to discuss activism, yoga, and conscious eating, and Xavier explains why his music is an old woman. You’ll have to listen to the interview to understand that one…..

We talk about his biggest concerns in the world, the focus of his activism now, and what he feels is necessary to turn things around for the better.

As one might expect, I found him to be an awakened and present soul. I for one am so grateful for the way he is showing up in the world , using his voice and growing megaphone,  to inspire the positive change that our planet so sorely needs now.

Make sure to stay tuned for my upcoming interview with Eoin Finn for more details about Xavier’s biggest concern, and the potential solutions to solve it.

I hope you enjoy it. Check out my instagram for some behind the scenes photos, and as always, check the website for show notes and links to things we discussed. Visit


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Aug 7, 2017


Aug 7, 2017

Kevin James is a chant leader from Australia who has developed from years of experience, the art of leading ecstatic chant and open heart connection with his voice, mantras and heartsongs.

He travels the globe constantly with the intention and vision of joining with others who feel the call to re-connect to source and remember who we are beyond the illusions of ego.

His intention is to contribute to the conscious movement using group gatherings of devotional singing of Mantras and HeartSongs to bring us to a closer connection to source.

Kevin believes from this state of being we can naturally and easily be kind and harmonious in our existence…

He says:

“It’s like a remembering. In a world where forgetting who we are has become normal, its destructive patterns have left us in an apparent life or death situation. We can remember together and support one another.”

After being turned on to his amazing music during a yoga class in India, through Divine Grace, I connected with him in Bali, and was blessed to have this time with him.

As a happy surprise, Kevin mentioned the Rainbow Gathering during the interview, and we had a deep discussion about what it is and what happens there.

By Divine alignment, I’m publishing this interview from the South of France and tomorrow I am on my way to a Rainbow Gathering in Italy, my first International Gathering, and I’m so looking forward to it, and of course, I’ll share about it with you when I return. It’s been a handful of years since I’ve been to a gathering and the idea of being back in that loving vibration really makes my heart smile.

I hope you enjoy this interview, and find some value in the medicine that Kevin is serving up. Make sure to check out the show notes to get links to his work. And hopefully, one day, you can find your way to a heartsong circle or retreat with him. I did make it to one of his offerings in bali before I left, where he walked us through the chakra toning exercise he talks about in the interview. I found it to be really deep and balancing, and I urge you to download it and give it a try yourself.

Find the show notes at

Loving you, my Rainbow Warriors. Namaste Check out the Songbooks on his website!

Aug 1, 2017

Hey there tribe, as promised, here is your homework, or as I want to call it, heartwork assignment that I talked about during my interview with Jai Jagdeesh. The invitation is to play and sing this song aloud, every day for 40 days. Since I first heard it and fell in love with this song,  I’ve been singing it and sharing it as often and with as many people as I can, even singing it at an open mic in Thailand…..

The lyrics are so profound, and if you sing this with intention, as a solid affirmation of truth, I imagine one can’t help but be uplifted. Any time I’m feeling low, I put this on and it’s sets me straight. I’ve made it a morning practice at times, singing it straight out to a vast ocean at sunrise, and feeling so so blessed. I sing it with wild abandon sometimes as I walk on the beach, and don’t really care how I might sound to passers by. I just revel in my freedom that allows me the privilege of these sacred moments. , and I’m so grateful to Jai for writing, recording and sharing it with us.

I hope you find some peace and inspiration through this practice, and come to the deep understanding of your true nature, that you too,. Are the light of love.

I’d love for you to reach out to me and let me know the impact this has on you….




Lyrics for Light of Love by Jai-Jagdeesh

I will climb into your ocean, I will sail into your shore,
I will breathe in your magnificence, and never ask for more,
I will be as I am written, courage on every page,

I will carve this life with every breath, a sage to the age,
I will turn up the fountain, and fill this world with bliss,
I will sing a song of joyful love and merge into your kiss,
And I will stumble into beauty, recognizing that it's me,
I will open up my heart, and surrender unto thee

I am the child, I am the mother
I am your bride, and your lover
I am everything, great and small
I am the one, I am it all
I am the child, I am the mother
I am your bride, and your lover
I am everything, great and small,
I am the one, I am it all

I Am
The Light
Of Love

I will dive into each moment, because I'll die as I was born
I will walk at peace with ease and grace, and float with the unknown
I will find the gift in everything, perfection in every way
I will bow at the altar, of this and every day
I can't promise not to feel some fear, or to always understand
But I'll be the change I wish to see, I will hold every hand
I am tangled up in beauty, I see clearly that it's me
I have opened up my heart, and surrender unto thee

I am the child, I am the mother
I am your bride, and your lover
I am everything, great and small,
I am the one, I am it all
I am the child, I am the mother
I am your bride, and your lover
I am everything, great and small,
I am the one, I am it all

I Am
The Light
Of Love


Aug 1, 2017

Our guest today is Jai-Jagdeesh. Jai is a Singer, Musician, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Activist, and Change Maker

The daughter of two kundalini yoga teachers, at age 6 she began attending boarding school in India. At that tender age of 6, she formed her first group and started performing music at school events. Over the years she studied photography, was trained in dance, trained to be a kundalini yoga teacher, and even sidetracked into the Hollywood scene with an urge to be an actress.

But before too long she was led back to her true calling, using and expressing her voice through singing and composing music. Now she tours the world sharing her incredible voice and light at festivals and in concerts, and has released several albums.

She brings awareness and presence to everything she does, and being the change is in her blood.


She and her music have been hugely inspiring to me, and I was so happily surprised that she showed up at the Bali Spirit Festival. I got to see and listen to her perform live, which I highly recommend if you ever get the chance, I attended an “Authentic Voice”  workshop she held, and gratefully, ultimately interviewed her for the show.


We recorded this episode in the lobby of the festival, with a view of lush Bali in front of us. We had a long and deep conversation about so many things that matter. We discussed true yoga, what a mantra actually is, the numerology cycles of life, deep wisdom gained from lessons learned, and even Donald Trump and the state of the world.

With tongue in cheek, she jokes about “getting her meds”, as in meditation. We talked about embracing the darkness in our lives, in order to appreciate the light. She shares one of her favorite books and believe it or not, she swears like a sailor. This episode is triple explicit so if you have small children around, please be aware. It’s unexpected from someone in her position, but as you’ll see in the interview, Jai is quite special. She’s a very old soul in a young woman’s body, with a fully activated inner child. You’ll see what I mean.

It was a true thrill and honor for me to spend this intimate time with this highly gifted soul.

As always, the show notes contain links to things we talk about and you can find that on the blog post at

I also assign you a homework, or heartwork, assignment toward the end of the show, and I’m going to make a separate episode to follow this one, so you can find it easily. I hope you do it, and I look forward to your feedback about how it helps to activate your highest potential.

I hope you gain some insight and inspiration from this conversation. Thanks for listening.


Aug 1, 2017

Welcome to season 3 of the Visionary Liiestyle Podcast! I hope you enjoyed last season, and all those interviews I did in the Motherland of India.

This season was all recorded on the island of Bali Indonesia.

I’ve been hearing about Bali for years, and now I finally understand what the fuss is all about. Bali has a vibrant spiritual culture, and it seems like the whole island is one big heart chakra. Arriving there just after the rainy season, Everything was lush and green and felt so full of life force energy, or as we call it in yoga, prana.

I was fortunate enough to attend the Bali Spirit Festival where I met and interviewed a lot of activated presenters. I spoke to yoga teachers, famous conscious musicians, healers, and the founders of the festival itself.  You’ll hear the sounds of Bali in the background, and hopefully be inspired and empowered by these conversations.

I have loads of episodes recorded for this season and several more, that are just waiting for post production. I’ll be getting them out as fast as I can, and as always, I look forward to your feedback.

I encourage you to spend some time on my website, look through the blog posts for previous episodes, and listen to the shows that call you. I hope you’re finding value here. It’s truly my heart’s desire to provide content that uplifts, inspires and empowers you to activate your own highest potential.

Visit, and you can email me there through the contact form. Tell me what you like, what you want more of, and any burning questions you have about the yogic lifestyle.I promise I’ll respond personally.

I’m recording this episode in Spain just outside of Barcelona, where I just attended the Barcelona Yoga Conference.  I’m traveling the world to bring you conversations with some truly bright  lights in the world.

I hope you’re enjoying these shows as much as I enjoy creating and sharing them with you. It takes a substantial amount of time and effort to produce these episodes, and some out of pocket expenses, so as always, your support is appreciated. You can review the show on itunes, share it with your tribe, and when possible support with a financial donation via paypal or

And if you haven’t already, head to my website to sign up on my newsletter, which will automatically get you my free Conscious Eating ebook. I’m sharing a lot of videos and fresh content from my travel journey on both my facebook page and instagram account so make sure you’re on my list to be notified.

As always, I’m so grateful for your presence here. You showing up to receive the content of these conversations is like a practice in self love, and hopefully soul evolution and empowerment.

Thank you rainbow warriors, for all you do to contribute to bettering yourselves, and the world.

I love you


Jul 20, 2017

Thank you India for providing us a great season of interviews with the masters! I hope you've enjoyed  these conversations, and found some inspiration and tools to activate your highest potential.. 

Season 3 will be published ASAP, and was recorded in Bali at the Bali Spirit Festival.

Thank you for listening, reviewing and sharing the podcast!

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Jul 17, 2017

Our guest today is Richa Prasant.

Richa was an HR executive in the corporate world with Hewlett Packard for years, when a deeper calling pulled her away. Today, she is the founder and Director of The Sunaayy foundation in Delhi, India.

She’s practicing karma yoga. In case you’re not familiar with that, karma means action, so this is the yoga of taking action that creates a positive result.


In the west, we have a common heartbreaking mental image of the starving children in the streets of India. Those of us awake enough to be moved by this issue often feel helpless. I know I did, when I was sitting in a car in Delhi, and lots of shoeless little children with runny noses came to the window begging for money. Thankfully, Richa Prasant is answering the call to meet the needs of some of these children who are coming from the slums in Delhi, and, is providing a way for us westerners to be involved as well. She says she considers herself a privileged Indian, recognizing that she’s been afforded many of the needs and luxuries not available to the majority of Indians today.

With this perspective, she felt called to share her good fortune and has created a foundation to offer support to these kids. The Sunaayy Foundation provides some structure for the kids, in the form of regular gatherings which include some basic education and nourishment, as well as a sense of belonging and community. Sunaayy Foundation is more community than spiritually oriented. I’ll let Richa explain more about how the kids are benefitting from her programs...


I was honored to be invited to celebrate Holi with Richa and her kids. Holi is a big holiday and celebration in India. It marks the first day of Spring, and is seen as a chance to restart, forgive, forget , make food, celebrate, it feels a bit like New Years eve. I joined with Richa and the kids, in throwing colorful powder all over each other laughing and dancing all the while. While it was fun to see the kids enjoying themselves, I have to say that at times and in certain little faces, I could sense an underlying unrest and distress. Make sure to check out the blog on the website for some photos of our day together.


What Richa is learning while practicing her karma yoga with these kids, is that when you give, you receive. And in this case, Richa says she’s receiving unconditional love.


If you’re as moved by this story as I am, there may be some way for you to help.

The Sunaayy Foundation Needs:

-YouTube support

-Video editing

-Cash donations


As always, there are links in the show notes to everything we talked about in this episode.

Find that at

Many thanks for listening. I hope this episode inspires some karma yoga in you!



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