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The Visionary Lifestyle Podcast is a seasonal Variety Show Published Weekly and Featuring: Interviews, Topic Based Episodes, and Q and A shows. I’m your host, Magda Freedom Rod: Health and lifestyle guide, mother, yoga instructor, environmentalist, conscious eating expert, content creator and world traveling digital nomad. You’ll hear interviews with: Inspiring soulutionaries, change makers, thought leaders, social entrepreneurs, activists, conscious media makers, authors, yogis, conscious musicians and more. Topics include: yoga, conscious eating, meditation, Ayurveda, sustainability, alternative health, healing, spirituality, activism, non-toxic living and many more. “My mission is to inspire, educate and empower in order to activate the highest potential of individuals and our collective world in such a way that we create a healthy, thriving humanity and a sustainable planet.” It’s my hope that this podcast will serve as a clarion call to gather the tribe that is interested in being the change we wish to see in the world. I believe that as we become activated into our own highest potential through the use of tools including yoga, conscious eating and meditation, we become empowered to deliver our gifts to the world. The Visionary Lifestyle is about raising consciousness on the planet. We believe in self love, animal love and planet love. Join us. Visit to learn more, read show notes and submit comments and questions. Donations gratefully received at Namaste
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Dec 18, 2017

Our guest today is Kayla Wexelberg. Kayla is a chef, an educator and a yogini. She the founder of Taste Your Roots. Taste Your Roots’ goal is grounding and educating people in their food culture, the land, and supporting them on the journey to developing a self motivated sustainable food system. Her website states: With the diverse foods that exists today, we help folks find food practices that, not only give them healthy nourishing sustenance but a deeper sense of being in connection with their food and their land. Taste Your Roots achieves this through hands on cooking classes, private chef work, conscious caterings' and individual health consultations. In addition, Taste Your Roots is constantly researching and documenting food practices and traditions all over the world. The information gathered is intertwined in classes and used to help us understand the importance of food traditions and the information they have to offer us in understanding a history, a culture and a geographic landscape. Most importantly this research is aimed at answering the questions of how to live a sustainable and connected life.

A fellow yogini, Kayla also completed her yoga teacher training in Rishikesh India this year.

I met Kayla at the New Earth Festival in Bali where she was preparing food to nourish the participants. I was super impressed with what she was serving up, and saw very quickly that she was a kindred spirit. She managed to pull herself away from the busy kitchen to have this chat with me.

We talk about food, seed to table, food and the chakra system, and yoga.

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I enjoyed having it.

Kayla you kick ass!



Dec 14, 2017

Greetings rainbow warriors,Today I’m coming from you from Morocco, with a heavy heart. Over the last week I’ve watched  a nightmare unfold. My sweet home town of Ojai ,California just north of Los Angeles, has been burning. California wildfires are raging through the state, and sadly this sweet little idyllic valley also fell victim to them. Ojai is the sacred valley of the moon, named by the Chumash tribe that first inhabited it. It’s a small and tight knit spiritual town where I built a yoga community atop a mountain that overlooked the entire valley, in a center called Meditation Mount. This has been my family and community for years, which supported me and gave me the trust to lead them in yoga. This community made me the teacher I am today. I am forever grateful to those who believed in me, and my students who attended classes week after week, deepening their own practice, and unbeknownst to them also filling my heart with so much gratitude as they allowed me to share the sacred gift of yoga with them, creating such a fulfuling livlihood for me.


So this last week, The entire city was forced to evacuate. Many friends lost their homes, and that center I spoke of, Meditation Mount, had the fires ravage the land and gardens. Though some of the structures still remain, and we expect in Divine timing, the center will reopen to once again serve as a peaceful place for people to gather and meditate daily in service to humanity as they’ve been doing there for over 40 years..


My heart has been engaged in the news non stop as the horror has unfolded. Almost everyone is still displaced as the air is too toxic to breathe there right now.I humbly ask you to send your prayers and good thoughts to this very special communiyt of activated souls, so many tru Rainbow Warriors there. The local organic grocery store is even names Rainbow Bridge guys, if that give you any idea.

The fire maps show that eventually the fires made it 100% completely around the town which is a long narrow valley and could have easily been swallowed whole by the giant flames. Thanks to the tireless work of the thousands of hero firefighters, and a few miracles resulting from lots of collective prayer, the main town did not burn. It’s really nothing short of a miracle.

So, today I’m called to share with you, a recording of one of my yoga classes at our beloved Meditation Mount. As you listen, envision a mountain top glass enclosed sanctuary with a massive skylight leading up to the heavens, with views of exquisite gardens, majestic mountains, and our magical valley below. It has been a true honor to be a part of this community, and I and many are holding space for a phoenix from the ashes story for Meditation Mount, and the town as a whole.

You can visit my Visionary LIfestyle and Podcast facebook page to see a video I shared, to help the fire victims strengthen their root chakras, which are undoubtedly out of balance at this traumatic time. The root chakra is what makes us feel safe a and secure in the world, and when our homes , live or livlihoods are threatened a lot of instability ca result. That video can be helpful to anyway concerned about their physical survival. Please check it out and share it with anyone affected by the fires.

I hope you enjoy the class. I look forward to hearing your feedback. I’m always happy to hear from you guys. You can contact me through my facebook page or website any time

This one’s for you my Ojai tribe. We are the rainbow bridge that connects heaven and earth, eternity with the now. Namaste

Dec 11, 2017

Today’s guest is Michael Tellinger. Michael is a scientist, explorer, researcher, activist, humanitarian and internationally acclaimed author of numerous books, and dozens of lectures available on YouTube. He is the founder of the UBUNTU Liberation Movement of UNITY & Higher Consciousness a political party registered in the UK. His latest contribution to the literary world is UBUNTU Contributionism – A Blueprint For Human Prosperity in which he lays the foundation for the philosophy of Contributionism – a world without money. In which people live in united communities in support of each other, rather than the divided communities in fear of each other that we find ourselves in today.

Michael has become an authority on the ancient vanished civilisations of Southern Africa. His continued efforts and analytical scientific approach have produced stunning new evidence that will force us to rethink our origins and rewrite our history books.

I connected with Michael at the New Earth Festival in Bali, and was blown away by his presentation and the information he was sharing. I only got a short time to interview him, as he was rushing off to reveal their new free energy device.

Michael says everything we’ve been told is a lie, and that we’re a species with amnesia. His findings are truly fascinating. We talked about the torus energy field, cymascopes, contributionism, and how sound waves can kill cancer cells. He explains that the human voice is a creation tool. Basically, everything comes from the primordial sourcecode of sound, and it all comes down to harmonic resonance he says.

Michael is connecting the dots between past and present, and wants us to move out the matrix of division into unity. Sounds like a plan, doesn’t  it tribe?

Make sure to check the show notes, for links to Michael’s website as well as youtube videos about some of the topics we covered in this interview.


Michael Tellinger – Ubuntu Contributionism



Anthony holland-youtube Killing Cancer with Sound



Dec 4, 2017

Greeting from Morocco Rainbow Warriors!Today’s guests are Bianca and Michael Alexander. This conscious power couple is producing conscious media in the form of a fantastic TV Show called Conscious Living TV.

A labor of love, they launched their positive news TV show on Earth Day 2007 after “conceiving” the idea over their honeymoon in Asia.

Their mission is to raise the vibration of the planet – one person at a time – through inspiring television. The show now airs in 90+ broadcast TV markets across the U.S. and internationally via Smart TV and AolOn.

I met Bianca and Michael about 10 years ago when I had my Visionary Boutique in Los Angeles. We hung out in the same circles and I remember being so impressed with what they were creating, and fell in love with both of their beautiful souls too. It was a real treat to meet them again at The New Earth Festival in Bali where we were both speaking.

Take a listen to this inspiring interview about what it means to live consciously, and make sure to check out their show for loads of uplifting and entertaining content.

As usual find the links to everything in the show notes on my website at

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And now, enjoy the show.


Conscious Living TV

Bianca and Michael Alexander



Book: The China Study

Autobiography of a Yogi